LinkedIn Introduces B2B Product and Service Reviews Into the Feed

A Win for Technology Professionals and Marketers Alike

October 3, 2016

As today’s business technology solutions landscape grows in complexity, savvy B2B buyers are relying — more than ever — on the opinions and expertise of colleagues, peers and trusted networks when researching and making purchase decisions. LinkedIn recently found that the online rating and review ecosystem plays a significant role in over half of all technology purchases. In fact, 8 in 10 buyers look outside the tech buying committee for information and council on B2B solutions — with reviews, surveys, and usage stats from fellow technology users making up 51% of these trusted sources. Similarly, 70% of tech buyers are likely to discuss technology solutions or vendors with their professional peers — adding to the importance and prevalence of external discussions about B2B products and services within the technology buying community.

In the spirit of our mission to make the world’s professionals more productive and successful, LinkedIn is excited to announce strategic partnerships with G2 Crowd, IT Central Station, and TrustRadius. Starting today, reviews on all three of these online partner review sites may be shared and brought to life by members while providing product insight on the LinkedIn platform. This new functionality allows reviewers to showcase their unique skillsets, knowledge and expertise with B2B products and services and, likewise, enable brands to promote their customers’ ratings and reviews by spurring meaningful conversations with their LinkedIn followers.

With detailed reviews of B2B products and services now a part of the newly searchable LinkedIn newsfeed, we encourage you to explore this functionality — tagged #B2Breviews — and discover what users are saying about brands while helping us foster improved, enriched, and transparent discussions.

We hope this new integration will drive value for LinkedIn’s technology decision making community — fostering improved B2B knowledge sharing and empowering LinkedIn members to grow and tell their professional story. And for solution providers, with more than 67 percent of today’s buyers utilizing online reviews as part of their daily purchasing process, the ability to share and engage with these third-party online reviews in a crowd-sourced, trusted environment is a highly unique and valued opportunity.

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