Tech Buyers and Trust: Challenging to Get, Even Tougher to Get Back

March 24, 2016

Tech Buyers and Trust: Challenging to Get, Even Tougher to Get Back

Trust is an integral part of today’s buying process, particularly as consumers go to sources other than you and your website to evaluate your products and services. So for tech marketers, nurturing relationships and building long-standing trust with your prospects and customers could not be more paramount — especially when you consider that less than a third of today’s technology buyers will place a new vendor on their short list.

Here are four things that can help your brand build trust — and turn enlightened customers into life-long advocates.

Create content for the cross-functional buying committee

The decision makers in today’s technology purchases are no longer limited to just the IT department. Instead, they comprise of a cross-functional group of diverse departments like marketing, sales, finance, operations, and human resources just to name a few. To meet their needs, make sure your marketing efforts include an array of content targeting the appropriate stakeholders and their unique needs and motivation.

For targeting insights, we recommend reviewing our recent eBook that delves into the tech buyer personas. For content advice, dive into the LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan, which will help you more closely align your content strategy with your marketing objectives.

Understand the decision makers

The best part of being a tech marketer is the opportunity to help our clients businesses succeed. To help achieve this, equip decision makers with the tools, knowledge and support necessary for them to feel confident selecting or renewing with your brand. Here are a few tips to better understand the buying committee’s motivations:  

  • IT: Build trust by doing your homework to better understand their business model. Earn their respect by proving your industry expertise.
  • Marketing: Marketing looks for a strong brand that exhibits trust. Deliver information that showcases your industry know-how and proof of results and return on investment.
  • Project Management: Demonstrate that you know the inner workings of their hardware/software challenges and how your product will impact the end-users and their overall business.
  • Business Development and Operations: These two want to feel like their vendor is truly committed - earn trust with ongoing content (pre and post-sale) that establishes your credibility as showcases your industry expertise.

Reach the influencers

Buyers are consulting a wide range of resources as they consider their technology investments, including individuals outside of the buying committee and across their professional networks. But who exactly are buyers talking to? Well, we found that 70 percent speak with professional peers, 51 percent chat with end-users and 45 percent speak with colleagues not directly involved in the buying process. If you aren’t marketing to the influencers involved in affecting opinions, reviews, and overall feedback — it’s a missed opportunity.

To win this battle, consider investing in and improving your overall reach and brand awareness. We realize the marketing stakeholder pool is growing larger and larger, but you can fully own your brand’s story and perception in the marketplace. An easy way to get started is by asking:

  • When and where will your brand’s name come up?
  • What will they say about you?
  • Are you targeting each key player?
  • How can your brand aid in their interactions?

Answering these questions can greatly help boost consumer trust, and point your marketing strategy in the right direction.

Don’t neglect the post-sale experience!

Trust is vital to moving your customers through their buying journey, and as your product is implemented and managed, customers can become very critical of the implementation and management process. In order to avoid these pitfalls, make sure your team members who are responsible for service and support after the sale equipped with the right content to ensure smooth management. Position your brand as a thought leader in the field with social media, whitepapers, case studies and your brand’s website. And always be open and honest — make sure to fill key channels with interesting, engaging insights that get people talking!

For more in-depth insight into building all-important trust with your tech buyers, check out our newest research eBook, “Beneath the Surface: Taking a Deeper Look at Today’s Empowered Tech Buying Process.”