Tech By the Numbers: Understanding Tech Buyers [Infographic]

December 1, 2016

Tech By the Numbers

Today’s technology purchase path is complex and increasingly dependent upon sophisticated mastery of the customer journey and its respective content needs. To succeed, technology marketers must think like savvy customers and fully immerse themselves into the modern buying process. Seeking to uncover valuable insights on Technology Decision Makers (TDMs) on LinkedIn, we crunched the numbers and pulled key data-points to help inform and shape your knowledge of this valuable audience.

Read our Infographic Tech by the Numbers: Your Guide to Understanding Tech Buyers on LinkedIn for new insights on:

  • What TDMs are interested in — and where they look for information

  • What content TDMs engage with — and how

  • What 2017 means for tech marketers — key tips and tactics for reaching TDMs

As this cohort innovates and and imparts change across the enterprise, 2017 will be defined by TDMs and their increasingly sophisticated, nuanced content demands. LinkedIn provides a dynamic space for your content to be shared among your targeted industries and customers. Here, you can successfully strengthen your current and future strategy with valuable insight and connections by meeting your tech customer right where they are in their customer journey.

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