Why Tech Marketers Should Be Paying Close Attention to Advertising Week 2016

September 22, 2016

Why Tech Marketers Should Be Paying Close Attention to Advertising Week 2016

Advertising Week is next week, and as we look ahead to this great event, it’s inspiring to see how strongly technology now infiltrates every aspect of modern business. Today, tech companies like Microsoft, IBM, Dell, and HPE empower more than just IT and security — they take center stage and drive strategic conversations within advertising and marketing. And this is no small achievement —if anyone recalls Ad Week ten years ago, digital was nascent, and topics such as mobility and globalization were just starting to make headlines. In fact, many organizations in the spotlight of AdWeek 2006 were far from the tech space, with brands like Kentucky Fried Chicken and Kool-Aid taking the top prizes in advertising. You may have even caught a glimpse of Martha Stewart presenting at a panel in 2006. And remember the rise of the Motorola Razr? How’s that for a throwback?

As marketers in technology companies are increasingly seen as being ahead of the curve, this year’s Advertising Week will actually include many technology brands adding their voices to what was often just an agency conversation. LinkedIn even plans to host this year’s highly anticipated ‘Beyond B2B’ B2B forum, featuring discussions about trends driving today’s sophisticated marketers with industry pioneers, CMOs, and agency principles. So if you’re a tech marketer and plan on attending Ad Week, or watching via live-stream, these are the can’t-miss sessions that should be on your radar:

  • Truth and Transformation: These two sessions will showcase some of the hottest trends and topics in marketing today, as well as dive in to how the marketing world is changing and evolving. As tech marketers need to constantly keep a finger on the pulse of an ever-fluctuating industry, these sessions will enable their efforts with the latest and greatest info.
  • Marketing Truth or Marketing Hype? Hot Marketing Trends Put to the Test: It’s always helpful to know what not to do! Leaders from Reebok, Coca-Cola and IBM will discuss what marketing trends actually are having little impact on business. On the flip side, tech marketers can take away some highly effective strategies that they may not have considered before. Come and hear a number of popular marketing “best practices” debunked for good and learn where you should be applying your marketing dollars.
  • Transformation: The Art (and Science) of Marketing Change: We’re now a whopping two decades into the era of digital marketing (doesn’t that make you feel old?), which puts tech marketers on the cusp of seismic change. But what does this mean for both marketers and their brands? This panel will discuss how to advance, accelerate and achieve quality results. It’s all about making modern marketing work!
  • The Cognitive Era and the Digital Age: In today’s marketing world, “big data” is the real deal, and it’s high time to make sense of it all. In these sessions, tech marketers will get an insider view into cognitive campaigns and how they can be used to better interact with customers. And to best utilize this data and stay on top of customer conversations, they’ll definitely need some quality digital storytelling skills on their side! 
  • Marketing in the Cognitive Era: For tech marketers, cognitive systems help to make sense of "dark data." In the cognitive marketing era, marketers can understand, reason, learn and interact in a personalized manner with their customers along the entire marketing journey. In this discussion, IBM Watson will showcase a trip into the future and demonstrate a cognitive campaign launch live on stage.
  • Storytelling in the Digital Age: What Brands Need to Know: You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again: all marketers, including tech marketers certainly need to master quality storytelling in the complex digital age. Topics included in this discussion will include making an impact in a distributed media world, the power of quality partnerships and emerging media and platforms such as chatbots, Facebook Live and virtual reality. Marketers can also dive into resolving the tension between creativity and meaty data analytics.
  • DiSrUpTiOn!: Marketers at companies both large and small need to be aware of potential disruptions to the “tech-eco-system” and how to best adapt to ride out the storm. But just how do you look into the future and prepare both yourself and your organization for a disruption that may throw off your entire game plan? Learn how to read your marketing crystal ball with these sessions!
  • Bloomberg Disruptors: Today’s modern tech marketer knows just how rapidly media is evolving. This panel will discuss today’s “tech-eco-system” and how it’s changing business models – destroying some and opening up new pathways for others. Tech marketers can hear from both long-tenured big players in the game and small start-ups that are fighting the good fight for their share of voice.
  • Disrupt the Disruptors: How Companies Can Inoculate Themselves Against Disruption: Nothing good can happen when consumers and tech combine to disrupt the long-term plans of a brand. And forward-thinking prevention is far easier (and much less expensive) than waiting for the threat to take shape and throw everything off the rails. This panel will explore how companies can come up with a plan of action and do away with strategies that won’t work – all before disruption hits them where it really hurts.

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