10 Challenges Security Marketers Face in the Modern Era

July 18, 2017

Security Marketing

With market share expected to grow to $170 billion by 2020, security marketers work tirelessly to position their companies as hacker-proof, breach-patching, trusted leaders. But what are some of the unique challenges many face as the landscape becomes ever-more cutthroat? Here are 10 issues security marketers are facing in today’s modern era:

1. Cutting through the clutter

Security is flooded with hundreds — if not thousands — of solutions offering to help organizations effectively protect their employees, partners, end users, and information. It can be challenging for marketers to stand out. Making an impactful impression should start with mastering brand messaging and capitalizing on your company’s expertise,  thought leadership, and valuable knowledge from executives and employees.

2. Finding a niche amongst competitors

Security marketers must work to find unique spaces their solution can win within the marketplace. Ask yourself: Why is your product steps above the competition? What unique differentiators does the product hold over similar products? Understanding the niche is essential to conduct strategic marketing and planning.

3. Leading the market through education

With breaches occurring on a daily basis, organizations understand the importance of implementing many security products. However, marketers are responsible for getting in front of businesses to help them understand exactly which solutions will have the biggest impact and protect their organizations. Because not all security offerings are created equal, marketers in this space must be able to educate their audiences on how to choose the correct partner for their unique needs.

4. Emphasizing the impact of security products on the entire business

Security issues impact the entire business, because, at the end of the day, everyone across the enterprise is affected — not just the IT and SecOps departments. Risk managers and legal departments should be involved in the adoption of a new security product, and it is up to marketers to prioritize reaching and educating the entire executive team.

5. Providing and demonstrating ROI

SANS reported in 2016 that there are inconsistencies in the ways that successes or failures of security products are measured. This challenges marketers to measure and articulate the business impact their solutions can make. ROI—whether monetary or not—must be a forefront discussion to demonstrate value.

6. Identifying crucial leads

Identifying leads isn’t always easy in the security space. This is, of course, another reason why security marketers must have a sophisticated understanding of both their solutions and customers in order to make targeting easier and more effective.

7. Creating targeted content

To ensure resonance across multiple industries, security marketers need to create targeted content that extends beyond sales pitches. Content should be uniquely tailored to both the industries and seniorities of their customer base to help them understand how and why particular solution is the best decision for their organization.

8. Building relationships

As strong sales representatives knows, the art of the deal hinges on building relationships more than anything else. Marketers need to help instill trust both in the brand and in the folks behind the brand. These relationships will ultimately turn into long-term partnerships built on a foundation of mutual trust.

9. Staying up-to-date

You can’t be effective in your space without staying in-the-know on industry progress and the competitive landscape. Placing emphasis what your competitors are doing as well as knowing where your organization is succeeding will set your efforts apart and allow you to build a stronger brand and  better solution.

10. Finding the right people

Your brand needs the right people to back it up. From sales representatives to implementation specialists to software engineers, finding the right people is essential to building a brand that customers can turn to and trust.

While many of these challenges can be overwhelming, effective security marketers know that thoughtful, targeted efforts can go a long way. It takes time to fully find the unique space your solution occupies in the market and work that space until you own it entirely.

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