How Tech Professionals Engage with Content [Infographic]

Tapping Into the Minds of Tech Professionals, Part 1

February 3, 2017

Tapping Into the Minds of Tech Professionals

We may know a lot about technology professionals and their purchasing habits, but how might content specifically inform their behavior? Where do these individuals go to stay informed? How does social media shape their decision journey?

Our latest eBook surveys 1,400+ members of the global technology community, but we’ve pooled together top, content-led insights into the infographic below.

Check out our Infographic to discover:

  • New stats about the technology community’s desire for data-driven, educational content.
  • Why technology professionals consume more content on LinkedIn, compared to their peers in other industries.
  • Why technology professionals share heavily and show source appreciation in subtle ways.
  • The role employers, brands, and peers play in providing tech professionals useful information.
  • Tips and strategies to ensure you’re providing the tech audience engaging, relevant content at scale.

As a takeaway, companies and brands that understand the nuances of today’s tech professionals will succeed, inspire, and attract them to their product.

To take a deeper dive into the mind of today's tech professionals and access our entire survey, download "Tapping into the Minds of Today's Tech Professonals".  And stay tuned next week when we release Part 2 of our Infographic.