Marketing Through the Lens of Consumer Electronics, Software, and Hardware Pros

March 24, 2017

As the lines between B2B and consumer technology marketing increasingly blur and intersect, professional data on today’s consumer electronic, software, and hardware audiences can help unlock key insights to more effectively target new audiences. At LinkedIn, we’re fortunate to easily tap into the content-consuming, selling, and learning behaviors of over 467 million members and — with over 4 million LinkedIn users in business decision making roles — are excited to put this information to good use in your marketing strategy.

In our second installment of Behind the Lens, we dig beyond IT and into the consumer space where employment is rising and and technical skills are paramount. Read along in the following infographic to find out:

  • What industries are either attracting top talent or spurring churn in the U.S. Consumer Electronics, Software, and Hardware space.
  • Where key hubs for Consumer Electronics, Hardware, and Software are growing across the country — from coast to coast.
  • What factors matter most to Consumer Electronics, Hardware, and Software professionals at work and when selecting a job — hint: they’re driven and want fair compensation.
  • Top skills making strides with these cohorts — from C++ to Java
  • Popular content, companies, and LinkedIn groups with these cohorts — they love cloud and computers.

Dive into the Infographic below to help take your knowledge of the tech marketer’s Consumer Electronics, Software, and Hardware customers to the next level.

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