Marketing Through the Lens of U.S. Network Security & Computer Networking Pros

April 5, 2017

Behind the Lens

With threats, hacks, and breaches emerging at all ends, it’s more important than ever to differentiate your solution’s messaging and help prospects and customers navigate the new-normal world of security. Luckily, LinkedIn insights and a strong content marketing strategy can aid in effective strategies to build relationships with modern security professionals.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve brought you Behind the Lens, our exclusive infographic series compiling LinkedIn’s unique technology audience insights. Today, our final installment showcases trends and targeted insights to help inform your marketing plans aimed at reaching the ever-complex network and computer networking cohort.

So, to get started, ask yourself: who are these modern security professionals? What are their unique skillsets, workplace habits, and content preferences? Then, read our infographic to learn:

  • Why employment is on the rise — which means there are more security decision-makers than ever.

  • Where key hubs for Network Security and Computer Networking are growing across the country —  from coast to coast.

  • What factors matter most to Network Security and Computer Networking professionals at work and when selecting a job — hint: they want to be satisfied and challenged both on and off the clock.

  • Top topics occupying their minds — from vulnerability and cyber warfare to SQL and cloud computing.

  • Benchmark engagement metrics on LinkedIn with these cohorts —most network security pros follow, view, and connect 1.2-1.5x more than the average LinkedIn member.

Dive into the Infographic below to help take your knowledge of the tech marketer’s Network Security & Computer Networking customers to the next level.

  • Behind the Lens

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