Introducing Underscore: A Magazine for Tech Marketers, by Tech Marketers

June 26, 2018

LinkedIn's Tech Marketing Magazine

Today we’re breaking through the hype of of sub-optimal content experiences by bringing you Underscore, a one-of-a-kind publication created exclusively for technology marketers.

As the editor of Underscore, I’m most excited about this hands-on format that is easily engaged with on your own time — no pop-ups or gated forms required, just valuable input from our members, industry experts, and guest contributors. From new perspectives on GDPR via LinkedIn’s own CISO Cory Scott to industry insights and thoughtfully curated business thought leadership, Underscore has you covered.

In our inaugural edition, you’ll learn:

  • How to leverage online and B2B reviews to win customer loyalty and drive net-new business
  • The latest on big shifts impacting the marketing of technology – from Cloud and Security to Value-Added Resellers (VARs) and Telcog
  • Why the technology buying committee continues to evolve and where major changes are happening along the purchase process
  • Several new ways to successfully market cloud solutions in today’s flooded market
  • Data-driven insights about today’s computer and network security professionals
  • How HP tackles next-gen community management
  • Marketer stories about delivering ROI on the front lines

We hope you’ll pore over Underscore on your next morning commute or summer jetset.

And — if you’d like to ensure you never miss a future edition — subscribe here!