A Checklist for Reaching Enlightened Tech Buyers

September 12, 2019

A Checklist for Reaching Enlightened Tech Buyers

Reaching enterprise technology buyers is an ever-evolving endeavor. Competition is fierce, and buyers are predisposed to select a vendor they have already worked with. Less than one-third of buyers will shortlist a new vendor, period. More than that, today’s buyers are younger, digitally enabled and quality-obsessed; they need to be impressed.

To do that, marketers must deliver at every touchpoint. They are tasked with knowing their audience inside and out, building the right kind of content and thoughtfully designing their brand story to ensure that their analytics and ideas are in lockstep with sales.

It’s a lot. So we designed this handy “checklist” infographic to help you activate a strong go-to-market strategy when marketing in the technology sector. Need more information about any of the checkbox items? Our full report has you covered!


There’s even more actionable information inside our Enlightened Tech Buyer research. Learn more about today’s buyers and then go to page 17 for the full list of suggestions to reach them.