The Coming of 5G: What IT Leaders Think About Tomorrow’s On-Demand World

October 23, 2019

The Coming of 5G: What IT Leaders Think About Tomorrow’s On-Demand World

IT leaders are busily preparing for the tidal impact of 5G. 5G’s speed, constant connectivity and low latency can enable AI, automation and connectivity that will push workplace collaboration and productivity to new places.

At LinkedIn, we’re focused on the future of work and how technology is proving to have a powerful impact on business. As part of this exploration, 5G continues to be a key topic for many of our partners, so we recently conducted qualitative research to better understand this evolving space. 

Our findings revealed that navigating the 5G space is not effortless — IT leaders must sort through a lot of hype, an ambiguous roll-out time, compatibility considerations and more to see the benefits of 5G’s core value proposition for their individualized industry and business needs.

But therein lies compelling opportunities for networking and telecommunications marketing and sales teams. IT professionals are looking for an expert voice to provide leadership and light the path forward, including helpful thought leadership and actionable information.

Check out the infographic of research findings and learn what today’s IT leaders actually think about 5G investments, how they anticipate it impacting their industries and common challenges surrounding implementation. 

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