[New Guide] Building Your Professional Brand on LinkedIn

Introducing The Sophisticated Technology Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn Volume 2

August 12, 2015


This post is the second in The Sophisticated Technology Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn Series, a sequence of guides designed specifically to help tech marketers achieve great results on LinkedIn and beyond. In Volume 1, Laying the Foundation, we helped gain a clearer understanding of the technology buying audiences and how to reach them. Read on to discover what Volume Two has to offer.

As a technology marketer you always want to make sure both you and your company stay top of mind. Professionals perform hundreds of searches every day on our platform and the results are sorted by relevance based on connections, profile completeness, and keywords. This means that if you want your profile and company to appear at the top of those results, you and your colleagues have to maintain the most current, up-to-date, and complete LinkedIn profiles.

In our second volume, our LinkedIn marketing gurus walk you through:

  • The benefits of optimized LinkedIn profiles
  • The 5 things you need to know about LinkedIn search (as summarized by Stacy Donovan Zapar, the Most Connected Woman on LinkedIn)
  • The benefits of expanding your network of influencers
  • How you can stay current on all the latest insights and trends through Pulse – the news app and content brand for LinkedIn

We’ve got the essential platform to shape and communicate your brand. Check out Volume 2 to see how building and maintaining an invaluable network of affluent, influential, and educated professionals will help your company reach its marketing goals.