New Research Reveals LinkedIn Members’ Receptiveness to Consumer Marketing Messages

July 10, 2014

According to Content Marketing Institute’s B2C Content Marketing Report, nine out of ten B2C marketers now use content marketing to connect with consumers. And given that LinkedIn is the definitive professional content platform with over 300 million members who are also consumers or, “Prosumers,” naturally we wanted to know how receptive our members are to content marketing from consumer brands.

We interviewed over 600 LinkedIn members in the US to gain a better understanding of consumers on LinkedIn. If you’d like to view the expanded results, you can download the full report at this link.

Below we've recapped a few of the key takeaways for consumer marketers:

Professional consumers on LinkedIn are...


LinkedIn members are brand advocates who are willing to pay more and have more buying power.

  • 86% of those interviewed said “When I find a brand I like, I stick with it”
  • 78% said “I’m typically willing to pay more for high quality items”
  • According to comScore’s 2013 Buying Power Index, LinkedIn members have nearly 2x more buying power than Facebook
  • Implication: LinkedIn provides a prime audience for high-consideration consumer products

LinkedIn members reward themselves when they achieve professional success.

  • 76% consider a vacation
  • 66% consider a new car
  • Implication: Opportunity for marketers to align their brands with members’ professional success

LinkedIn allows brand visibility around content that consumers feel is worthy of their time and innovative.

  • Content from the LinkedIn platform is viewed as more “worth my time” and more “innovative” than content from even the most renowned publishers, such as the NY Times and Wall Street Journal
  • Implication: LinkedIn is a compelling platform for consumer product launches

Members are more than 2x more likely to trust information provided on LinkedIn than other social networks, which drives purchases.

  • 51% strongly agree that they trust the information from listed publishers on LinkedIn, compared with only 23% from the next highest social network
  • Implication: Leverage the trust on LinkedIn to build consumer brand awareness

Brand marketers can reach more unique professionals on LinkedIn than other key business sites.


And finally, over half of the LinkedIn audience is looking for news, information, and innovations from consumer brands, like yours!

Are you looking to connect with your “Prosumers” in a trusted, aspirational environment? We can help – contact us today.