The No Tricks, All Treats Guide to LinkedIn Company Updates

October 29, 2013

This Halloween, there’s no need to ask your target audience, "Who are you supposed to be?" On LinkedIn, you know who they are. And just like the trick-or-treaters who rap on your door every year, they have a sweet tooth for all things bite size. Here are some Halloween best practices and LinkedIn Company Page marketing tips to ensure your company updates are the candy your audience craves, and not those stinkin' foam peanuts.

Halloween Tip #1: Entice Your Audience
Let your trick-or-treaters know immediately they are in for a treat! Show ‘em the good stuff and see their faces light up.


LinkedIn Marketing Tip #1
Use LinkedIn’s status updates to delight your audience by showing them you have the sweet solution to their problem. Include a common problem or a thought-provoking question in your headline, followed by a link. By framing the problem in a short, thoughtful way and including a link as a follow-up action, you’ll have your audience salivating for more details.

Halloween Tip #2: Be Visually Interesting
People who greet trick-or-treaters in costume - whether it’s just a funny outfit or elaborate face paint – tend to be more popular.


LinkedIn Marketing Tip #2
Your LinkedIn updates can give a compelling first impression, too. Interesting visuals and embedded videos can immediately grab attention and make your posts stand out in the feed. Your posts have a better chance of getting read if they’re all dressed up.

Halloween Tip #3: Be Welcoming
By leaving the lights on you signal that you’re participating in Halloween’s candy fest and are inviting trick-or-treaters.

LinkedIn Marketing Tip #3
Let your LinkedIn audience know you’re welcoming them by continuously providing content that’s sure to satisfy. You can also mix it up by using both informational and entertaining posts. Just make sure your content matches the needs and interests of your audience.

Halloween Tip #4: Plan to Make Some New Friends
Sure, you’re armed with candy, but so is every other house on the block. Set your house apart by engaging with your trick-or-treaters. Have some fun with them. Make their visit a memorable one.


LinkedIn Marketing Tip #4
Similarly, plan your LinkedIn updates using an editorial calendar. When your audience stops by, engage them in conversation, ask about their world, do more of what works and learn with each new interaction. Optimize as you go along. Doing so keeps your audience’s attention longer and makes your company page more memorable.

Halloween Tip #5: Extend Your Audience
Do all the above and then ask your trick or treaters to tell their friends. Pretty soon, yours will be the house that everyone will want to hit on Halloween night.

LinkedIn Marketing Tip #5
Encourage your LinkedIn audience to share your content and use Sponsored Updates to further promote popular content. Make sure your updates hit that sweet spot that encourages your audience to rave about you. Word of mouth is a powerful thing – embrace it.

Kids don’t like foam peanuts, and your LinkedIn audience doesn’t like bland content. This Halloween, treat your audience with respect, dress up your communication style, give out nuggets of chocolaty goodness and you’ll soon have the popular company page on the content marketing block.

Are you too old for trick-or-treating? That’s okay – we’ll bring the candy to you. Get your LinkedIn marketing treats delivered when you subscribe to the blog.