Ooh La Leads: 5 Ways to Make Your Company More Attractive on LinkedIn

November 25, 2013


Ooh La Leads: 5 Ways to Make Your Company More Attractive on LinkedIn

Many members of your target audience will form an opinion based solely on your LinkedIn Company Page. So why not put your best foot forward? Here are some LinkedIn marketing tips to make your Company Page more attractive for customers and prospects alike.

5 LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Company Profile More Attractive

  1. Add images. Technology has made adding imagery to websites and online profile pages easier than ever. So much so that companies that don’t tell their story through images may be losing eyeballs. Changing up your cover images to reflect a range of campaigns will keep it fresh and dynamic. A welcome that wows and a well-polished brand is a must for today’s visual-oriented customers.
  2. Start a conversation. Social selling with a digital handshake requires more than just a static Company Page. Post status updates with industry news and information you would consider reading at least once a day. Then look at the metrics to determine exactly which type of content resonates with readers.
  3. Create brand advocates. Encouraging your employees to like and share your content will help grow your follower base and create brand ambassadors at the same time.
  4. Listen. Regularly check your Company Page analytics to determine which content people are connecting with. Reading comments can provide greater understanding of your customers’ wants and needs. This can then be reflected in the type of status updates you post or guide you to creating unique content that will solve a problem. This is also an excellent way to drive new leads when a member shows interest in your company.
  5. Include company events. One of the benefits of social media is that being social is actually expected, even in a business setting. Including images from company events, like a recent trade show, company picnic or birth announcement, puts a face on your company. This can be especially important in highly competitive markets where it’s hard to differentiate business value. Showing the human side of your company will set you apart.

Bonus LinkedIn Marketing Tip: Post a ‘freemium’ download, such as a white paper, case study or e-book, with a link to a dedicated landing page. Capture the visitor’s email address for targeted quality leads.

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