Introducing the LinkedIn B2B ROI Roundtable

April 18, 2017

Earlier this year, we gathered four top marketers together for a lively and illuminating conversation about what’s working in B2B marketing. The result of that discussion is in our new ebook, which we are officially launching today in the heart of Proof Week: The LinkedIn B2B Marketing ROI Roundtable. 

The B2B ROI Roundtable featured insights and the unvarnished truth from these four skilled marketers:

The Roundtable covered many topics of critical importance for B2B marketers. We talked audience targeting, content marketing, and account-based marketing. But no matter the subject, the conversation with Andrews, Oza, Sweetser, and Wilcox always returned to the topic of ROI and bottom-line performance. Read on for a sampling on the marketing insight you can garner via the Linked B2B ROI Roundtable.  

Andrews on Content Marketing:

It’s essential to everything that we do at HubSpot and a core competency of everyone on our marketing team: We’re all content creators.

Sweetser on Content Marketing:

I don’t really look at content as separate from the other marketing. I look at content as sort of the core product that we need to deliver that we then use across multiple channels.

Wilcox on ABM:

I’m seeing a massive shift towards account-based marketing, and I expect I’ll have the vast majority of our clients running at least one ABM campaign in 2017 to take advantage of LinkedIn’s unique, scalable targeting here. It’s very rare when I see a company that doesn’t have a good use-case for account-based marketing.

Oza on ABM:

LinkedIn was very helpful in driving top-of-funnel leads for our ABM, focus, and target accounts. Of the inquiries generated, we saw a 60 percent conversion to MCLs, which means that the LinkedIn ABM campaign generated net new leads within the ABM, focus, and target accounts that the sales team did not have before. Marketing was able to deliver these additional leads to sales to enable them to do a deeper account mapping. One other aspect I would like to highlight is that LinkedIn gives us this unique opportunity for our brand to directly engage with the buyer persona. No other platform gives you this opportunity.

Sweetser on Audience Targeting:

So, to me what’s important is we have the opportunity to target the audience, which LinkedIn honestly does better than any medium I use.

Wilcox on ROI:

I found that when you’re comparing other media like Facebook and AdWords, LinkedIn is going to produce a higher quality of leads, and it’s going to close larger deal sizes.

Andrews on ROI:

At HubSpot, we have an integration with LinkedIn as part of our HubSpot Ads tool. We’re able to look across a few thousand customers who use the tool and analyze click and conversion rates. What we see is that, yes, LinkedIn’s cost-per-click is definitely more expensive than other channels, but at the same time the conversion rate is way better for LinkedIn. Globally we saw a 9 percent conversion rate for LinkedIn, which pretty much blew us away. The quality of the leads driven from LinkedIn is higher than what we’ve seen from other ads that we show our customers … If you’re putting in a dollar and getting two dollars out, and you’ve created a machine that can do that, don’t be shy about increasing your spend.

Oza on ROI:

Don’t just look at clicks and click-through rates, go beyond to conversion rates. And I would say don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because when you’re trying new things, you would make mistakes, but the important thing is to launch, then adjust. Fail fast, fail forward until you succeed!

To get the full measure of insight from these four marketers, download The LinkedIn B2B Marketing ROI Roundtable today.