The Return of Proof Week

September 14, 2018

LinkedIn Proof Week

Marketers, in their heart of hearts, have always believed that marketing and advertising worked — that is, it drove revenue for their companies.

And marketers aren't the only ones who feel in our bones that marketing works. Consumers seem to get it, too.

Over the years, celebrated advertising campaigns have transformed brands and helped build corporate and cultural giants. Nike’s Just Do It commercials created not just a shoe company but a cultural touchstone. Coca-Cola’s advertising, such as “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke,” has long been the soul of the company. And Intel’s “Intel Inside” ads showed that even B2B TV spots have the power to redefine a brand. 

Few would argue that these ad campaigns didn't drive revenue or boost the bottom line for these companies. So why has the C-suite, which often views marketing as a cost center, remained skeptical of marketing’s worth? Why is it that marketers have long struggled to get budget for advertising and marketing spending? The problem has been a lack of consistently solid proof tying marketing spending to business results — such as revenue, customer lifetime value, and overall ROI.

But in the digital age that has all changed. With data incontrovertibly tying marketing spending (down to specific ad impressions and ebook downloads) to individual buyers and closed deals, the marketing department can prove to the CEO, the CFO, and CRO that its efforts are contributing to the ultimate business goal: growth.

To celebrate this transformation, LinkedIn is launching our second annual Proof Week beginning on Monday, September 17. (You can see a few of our blog posts from last year’s Proof Week here and here and here).

Proof Week is acknowledgment of marketing’s rise in the organization. It’s also a call to arms to marketers everywhere to embrace the data that exists to prove the value of their advertising spending on LinkedIn and everywhere else. 

For this year's Proof Week, we’ll dive into various aspects of proving marketing's value. Here are the five upcoming posts, none of which you’ll want to miss:

  • Jen Brett, Senior Insights Manager at LinkedIn, will urge marketers to measure what matters and explore whether click-through rate remains a useful metric. 
  • We'll debut our latest infographic, "The Case for B2B Marketing on LinkedIn," back by a raft of convincing statistics. 
  • Tom Jacobs, Insight and Acquisition Consultant at Ledger Bennett, will share case studies on how his agency has helped its clients drive and prove results on LinkedIn. 
  • We'll launch an updated "ROI Playbook," coomplete with even more Proof goodness. 
  • We'll dive into LinkedIn Conversion Tracking and how this product helps LinkedIn marketers prove their advertising on the platform is producing measurable results. 

Also this week, on Wednesday, tune in as Live With Marketers, featuring A.J. Wilcox, Lacey Miyazaki, and Patrick Chen, dives into proving the value of marketing.

For more insight into proving the value of your marketing, visit the Proof Week microsite today