How to Build a Perfectly Published Content Sandwich [Infographic]

February 7, 2017

How to Build a Perfectly Published Content Sandwich [Infographic]

When you get right down to it, content creation and sandwich artistry have a lot in common. In both cases, you’re trying to delight the person you’re creating for. It takes the right ingredients in the right combination to make something that is a joy to consume, but also leaves them feeling satisfied (or even better, wanting just a bit more).

So if your content has been feeling crusty or stale, be a hero to your customers by creating a perfectly published content sandwich on LinkedIn. Keep the bologna to a minimum, add a dash of rye humor to give it a tangy zip, and you can be sure your content will cut the mustard.

Once your delectable creation is complete, don’t loaf around with your amplification. You can wind up in quite the pickle if you create great content but no one gets a chance to read it.

To help avoid turkeys and join the Great Content Club, lettuce all commit to following the recipe in our new infographic: Build the Perfectly Published Sandwich.

Start with an eye-catching top bun, a strong visual to draw the reader in. Add introductory paragraphs—the lettuce, tomato and cheese—to get the reader engaged and ready to keep munching. Smooth transitions are the mustard and mayo that bring everything together. Don’t forget to add substantial value; that’s the meat your customer’s looking for. And finish it all off with a CTA that acts as the bottom bun to finish off the feast.

These tasty tips will help you get on a roll and toast the competition. Because great content—like a great sandwich—should be easy as A-B-C.

Or possibly B-L-T.

  • How to Build a Perfectly Published Content Sandwich

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