Q &A: How to Establish your Brand on LinkedIn

September 7, 2014

Last week I hosted a webinar, Representing Your Brand on LinkedIn, to address common challenges that marketers face when it comes to establishing your brand on our powerful platform. Whether it’s multiple lines of business, products or an infrastructure based on many regional teams, LinkedIn has tools to help you effectively shape brand perception and get your compelling content in front of our 300+ million LinkedIn members. The webcast covered:

1. How to leverage your LinkedIn Company Page

2. When to create a Showcase Page

3. How brands can best utilize Direct Sponsored Content

Here are a few of the prevalent questions that were answered during the webinar. Feel free to dive deeper with the webcast recording and deck.

Q: What is the best way to build a follower base for a Company Page and/or a Showcase Page?

A: The most effective way to build and engage a follower base is by sharing content. Company and Showcase Pages can share content in two different ways: organic company updates that reaches a company’s followers or a Sponsored Updates that goes beyond your follower base to a desired target audience. Sharing helpful and relevant content is the best way to engage LinkedIn members and build meaningful, long-term relationships with your customers, prospects and employees. Here are some additional tips to build your follower base.

Q: What is the best way to represent a company on LinkedIn that has a global presence?

A: Just a few months ago, LinkedIn released the Personalized Page Feed and Language Targeting to help global brands establish a presence on LinkedIn. This means that visitors to your Company and Showcase Pages will only see the updates that were meant for them. With personalized page feeds and language targeting, companies can now open up their page to teams across the globe to share localized content that’s relevant to their target audiences. With more targeted content, page visitors will have a more personalized and engaging experience. Here are 4 quick steps to get started:

  1. Identify the regions within your company with local content to share
  2. Add regional employees who will publish local content as administrators of your page
  3. Adjust the page name and description for each of the languages associated with your target regions
    1. Click edit on your Company or Showcase Page
    2. In the optimize your company name and description section, enter a name and description for each language associated with your target regions
    3. Click publish to save changes
  4. Encourage your regional admins to start sharing targeted company updates to their local audiences

Q: When does it make the most sense to create a Showcase Page for your brand?

A: LinkedIn Showcase Pages are dedicated pages for a brand’s more prominent lines of business, products/services and initiatives. Through Showcase Pages, companies can segment content to distinct audiences who are interested in different aspects of their business. It’s a new way to directly engage the right people in the right context. These pages are optimal for marketing efforts as they do not have a careers tab, but feature a double column content feed to draw all focus around your brand’s content. Hop onto LinkedIn and check out how companies such as Cisco, HP and Microsoft leverage Showcase Pages to represent different parts of their business.

Q: Where can I go to get started with Sponsored Updates and Direct Sponsored Content?

A: To get started with Sponsored Updates and/or Direct Sponsored Content, visit the LinkedIn Content Marketing microsite.

Want to learn more about shaping brand perception on LinkedIn?  Learn how to inspire your audience with compelling & relevant content by downloading our latest eBook on Using Sponsored Updates for Thought Leadership.

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