[Quiz] If Your Content Marketing Team Were A Cast of Holiday Characters, Who Would You Be?

A post in a series of '12 Days of Content', for marketers, by marketers

December 12, 2014

As a whole, you and your content marketing team have rocked 2014, putting out more compelling content than ever before. But where would your A-team be without the individual contributors? Each person on your team has something unique and constructive to bring to the table. Now imagine your team as a cast of holiday characters: from the classics like Santa Claus, Rudolph & Santa’s Little Helper to the new-age holiday heroes like Frozen’s Olaf, Buddy the Elf & Cindy Lou Who. Which character would you be?

Are you the leader of the pack, calling the shots on what content is created? Or maybe you’re the quiet newbie with all the bright ideas. If your team is particularly stellar, you have hired a comedian, or at least someone whose brilliant ideas tend to ‘snowball’ every time they’re on a roll. And of course, there’s always a data-driven member who is steadily keeping track of how many leads each piece of content has generated.

If your content marketing team were a cast of holiday characters, who would you be?

Take our quiz to find out!

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