[Quiz] What's Your Full Funnel IQ?

Are you a well-seasoned funnel fanatic or fledgling trying to find your footing? Find out with our interactive quiz!

May 15, 2015

Full funnel marketing has become a necessity. The buyer’s journey is as much as 90 percent complete before a prospect reaches out to your sales team. This means that the marketing department must strive to reach prospective buyers throughout the funnel – creating awareness in the upper funnel and driving conversions and revenue in the lower funnel.

Which begs the question: How well do marketers know full funnel marketingWhat’s your funnel IQ? Are you a well-seasoned funnel fanatic, fledgling trying to find your footing in the world of full funnel marketing or somewhere in between? We’ve developed this strategic test to help you find out.

Be warned: This is a truly full funnel quiz. It will, of course, test your knowledge about the marketing funnel: What tactics work best in which part of the funnel? And which metrics are appropriate in what part of the funnel?

But there’s more to this quiz. Since we’re talking full funnel, this quiz also tests your knowledge about the full range of funnels, like the ones in your kitchen, the ones in medieval paintings, or the ones on locomotives (we bet you didn’t know there are funnels on old steam engine trains). This is the only quiz to date that tests your knowledge on all kinds of funnels – marketing and otherwise.

What’s Your Full Funnel IQ?

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