Research Reveals Australian Business Elite Invest Time On LinkedIn

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January 13, 2015

Ask business executives that work inside Australia’s largest and most important corporations where they’ve invested time online over the last month, and almost three out of four (72%) will tell you that they’ve visited LinkedIn. This was only one of the exciting insights surfaced as part of the Business Elite: Australia research released by Ipsos, revealing that LinkedIn reaches deeply into this exclusive, executive audience - deeper than any other online property measured as part of the study (which included personal social networks and leading Australian news publications).

Business Elite: Australia Key Research Findings

The research indicated that executives are visiting LinkedIn often – with close to half of the Business Elite visiting the site weekly (42%), and over three-quarters of these weekly visitors accessing the platform via our mobile apps (80%). As surfaced in LinkedIn’s Audience 360 research, a conscious investment into creating a relevant content experience on the platform is bringing LinkedIn members back to the platform more and more regularly – and Australia’s executives appear to be no exception to the trend.

So who are the Business Elite that visit the LinkedIn platform, and why is it so important to have a meaningful conversation with this audience when they’re here? They’re affluent, high-net worth individuals – with over half earning in excess of $150K per annum (54%), and about the same with over $1M in investible assets to their name (51%). They’re actively growing their personal wealth – over half have traded shares in the last 12 months (54%), half have at least one residential investment property (51%) and one third have opted to manage their own superannuation in SMSFs (32%). This is a financially savvy audience, with a high disposable income.

At work – they’re influential, with over half personally responsible for over $650K worth of business purchasing every year (54%). The Ipsos study provided further support to insights surfaced as part of LinkedIn’s IT Committee research – indicating that decisions around technology procurement were influenced by functions outside of Information Technology. Less than one-quarter of LinkedIn’s Business Elite cite information technology as their primary area of responsibility (22%), yet well over half are specifying, recommending or authorizing the purchase of information technology resources within their organizations (67%). Remember that, influencing the influencers in B2B decision making is just as important as conversing with the final decision maker.

How do you effectively engage the top end of town when they’re on LinkedIn, knowing that relevancy is a key driver of content success? LinkedIn’s Trending Content listening tool shows that business decision makers in Australia have been actively engaging with content on Employee Engagement, Lean Manufacturing and Cloud Computing during the last 3 months. Armed with this kind of information you can become part of the conversation with your audience on LinkedIn by publishing engaging and relevant content, which will in turn help drive deeper customer relationships.

About the Author: Ben Russell is a Senior Insights Analyst for the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team in Australia. Learn more about how LinkedIn Marketing Solutions can help you build relationships with these engaged Australian members through content marketing here.

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