Revealed: What Sales Professionals Want From Marketers This Christmas

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December 8, 2014

As B2B marketers, your relationship with your sales team is one of the most important in your path to success. You know that your sales team depends on marketing to bring new leads into the funnel, and as marketers you depend on sales to ultimately convert those leads into revenue.

So, when was the last time you asked a sales team member what they want from you? As a marketer, you can provide a great deal of leverage to your sales team through content. The key is identifying the areas of opportunity that they will find most valuable and then organizing your content marketing plan to deliver value -- to your sales team, and ultimately to your customers and prospects.

There are many ways to go about uncovering these opportunities to provide value. One of the best ways -- and likely one of the most underutilized -- involves simply walking upstairs or down the hall and asking your sales team for feedback. Your sales team talks to prospects and customers every day. They know what questions they're asking; they know what challenges they're facing. Ask them to share.

That's exactly what we did here at LinkedIn last week. While in the holiday spirit, I decided to ask a few members of our sales team what they want from the marketing team to help them succeed in their job. Check out what they had to say in the video below.

Sales Professionals Share What They Really Want From Marketers

By far, the number one thing our sales team wants and expects from marketing is more quality leads. Next, sales expects content to help tell our story -- at every stage of the buyer's journey. The initial storytelling done upfront in the top funnel stage is important, but so are compelling case studies and competitive cheat sheets for prospects who are further down the funnel. And let's not forget about how to package the story post-sale; after all, if the goal is to turn customers into advocates, marketers can play a big role in delivering an experience worth sharing.

As you think about your 2015 marketing strategy, consider these areas of opportunity to give the gift of great content that can add value to a conversation the sales team is having with a customer or prospect.

And remember: while it may sound very '90s, in the connected tech world we live in today face-to-face interactions are irreplaceable. So the next time you see a sales team member, ask them what they want from you or how you can help answer a question they're getting from prospective buyers. Their answer could be the key to unlocking your next great piece of content.

Giving the gift of great content is a great way for marketing teams to connect with sales. It's also a great way for marketers to connect with each other. Get more gifts of content for marketers, by marketers by subscribing to the LinkedIn Marketing blog -- where every day December 1st-December 12th brings a new holiday-themed content gift. 

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