Should B2B Marketers Ramp Down Their Social Ads During the Holidays?

December 18, 2013


Should B2B Marketers Ramp Down Their Social Ads During the Holidays?

It’s certainly a question on many marketers’ minds this time of year, but one that is not easily answered. My guess is that most marketers expect social ads to perform poorly on holidays and non-business days so they simply turn them off or scale them back dramatically. What if I told you that engagement didn’t go down but instead increased? What if I told you that increase in engagement was in the double digits?

On Thanksgiving Day, our CTR for Sponsored Updates was significantly higher than the prior Thursday. Now I am not claiming to have a secret blanket solution that will work for all B2B marketers, what I am saying is that the professional mindset is clearly active over the holidays.

So, how can you as a content marketer test out the waters for driving leads over the holiday break?

I believe the answer lies in mobile. Your customers and prospects can engage with content anywhere, at any time, and the holidays are no different.  A study by Morgan Stanley reveals that 91 percent of U.S. citizens have mobile devices within reach 24/7. This means they will likely be checking out their social feeds during downtime, which leads to opportunities to get your content front and center. This type of strategy reinforces the importance of mobile and having content that renders well on the small screen as well as the desktop.

Here are three tips for getting the most from Sponsored Updates during the holidays:

1)     Make sure your content and landing pages are mobile responsive. If your landing pages and content are not supported, or look wonky, on a mobile device, you may not see the full potential of your campaigns. Ion Interactive offer up some fantastic tips and best practices for Responsive Landing Pages that Work.

2)     Tis the season for uncommitted budget. If you have budget that’s almost past its sell by date, there’s no better time to act.  This is the perfect time to utilize any extra budget you may have for content and social. Go out with a bang by finding the year’s top performing content and run a sponsored update around it.

3)     Add a little holiday flair. Spicing up your visuals and messaging with a bit of seasonal flair can be a great way to tailor your Sponsored Updates over the holidays. Check the fantastic example from Hubspot below.


The proliferation of smartphones and tablets is not only changing how we do our jobs as marketers, but it is heightening the expectations of audiences everywhere. My advice is to run a few test campaigns and compare the results. Determine whether or not your audience is engaging over the holidays from the success of your campaigns, then open up the larger discussion around future downtimes.

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