Staples Launches Small Business Community on LinkedIn

December 3, 2012

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. On LinkedIn, there are more than 15 million small business professionals who use our platform to be more productive and successful in their profession. Today, we join forces with Staples, Inc. to launch SUCCEED: Small Business Network, a new community on LinkedIn where small business professionals can connect and collaborate with their peers.

We created SUCCEED as a place to discuss important issues and share stories about the highs and lows that come with life as a small business professional. We aim to achieve this by building an environment that offers relevant content in the context that is most appropriate for the small business community. 

Starting today, our members can find useful information through a variety of ways including a small-business oriented Special Edition of LinkedIn Today. SUCCEED: Small Business Network will also include interesting content and resources like industry expert profiles/Q&As, targeted events, incentive awards, and weekly polls. Staples will have visibility throughout the group’s page, including a “Powered by Staples” tag and four areas of branding on the right rail.

It is our goal to build a vibrant community so we are dedicating an editorial staff that will work exclusively on SUCCEED. They will curate, manage and monitor the group daily and will work closely with Staples so that SUCCEED stays authentic and relevant to our members. We both will be spreading the word through a combination of member-facing e-mails and posts through our various social media channels.

We are excited to work with Staples to create a robust community where our members can learn and thrive. To join the conversation on SUCCEED, visit