Storytelling Secrets Exposed By B2B Marketing Masters [New eBook]

May 20, 2014

It’s not businesses but the people within businesses who make buying decisions.

B2B decision makers, like all consumers, decide with emotion and then justify their decisions with logic. And there’s no better way to connect with human emotions than a compelling story.

That's why we have compiled and published 10 B2B Masters Reveal Storytelling Secrets, a new eBook to help marketers like you create content that stands out and inspires action by tapping into the human element. You’ll learn marketing humanization tactics, inspiring brand examples and storytelling tips from the following B2B marketing experts:

  • Jay Baer
  • Beth Comstock
  • Jason Miller
  • Jonah Sachs
  • David Raab
  • Bryan Eisenberg
  • Bryan Kramer
  • Lee Odden
  • Tim Washer
  • DJ Waldow

Read on and learn how by telling better stories you can build a better business today:

We sincerely hope you enjoy reading the excellent insights from these thought leaders as much as we enjoyed receiving them.

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