Success Story: Microsoft India Increases Intent with LinkedIn Content Marketing

September 24, 2014

Microsoft wanted to increase its presence by reaching out to IT as well as business decision makers in enterprise and mid-market companies across India.

In this video case study, Jyotsna Makkar, CMO of Microsoft India, details their partnership with LinkedIn and how content marketing was a pivot to reach out to the IT stakeholders in a sustainable way.

The success story shares how Microsoft leveraged LinkedIn to create an exclusive, by-invite-only group called ‘Be Future Ready’, intended for tech decision makers in India. The group was promoted across the platform and today is over 7,000 members strong.

To promote the group, Microsoft shared its message using organic updates as well as LinkedIn’s flagship content marketing offering, Sponsored Updates, to extend their message beyond Company Page followers and reach key decision makers. SlideShare ads were also used to promote key content and the Influencer program drove the message of thought leadership home.

View the video to learn how Microsoft undertook this campaign and have benefited from the synergies of the content marketing program on LinkedIn, driving over 40% lift in likelihood to purchase from the campaign.

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