Accelerate Your Growth with These Free SMB Content Marketing Resources

November 27, 2018

Lean Team Coming Up with Small Business Content Marketing Plan

Folks who work in smaller businesses know what it’s like to take on a multitude of tasks and roles. With limited personnel and resources, it’s not uncommon to see one or two people handling an initiative that might otherwise have its own fully dedicated team.

Content marketing is one such area. Under ideal circumstances, you’d have a deep roster of writers, editors, designers, strategists, social media specialists, SEOs, and so on. But for teams that are working lean, it’s a matter of prioritizing and tackling as much as possible.

When it comes to content marketing for small business on LinkedIn, we’re here to help, with a set of free tools and guides to help you systemize and streamline your approach.

A Tactical Daily Plan to Crush Content Marketing for Small Business

There are only so many hours in a day. How can you be sure you’re covering your bases and doing all you can to ensure content marketing success on LinkedIn?

The freshly updated LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan is your daily get-er-done playbook. In this guide, you’ll find practical tips for meeting your objectives with each of LinkedIn’s key content marketing tools. This includes optimizing your LinkedIn Page, sharing content that makes an impact, and reaching new targeted audiences through LinkedIn’s various ad products.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find inside:

  • A printable plan that you can keep on your desk to reference each day

  • Recommended daily or weekly time allotments for each tactic to help you fill out your schedule

  • Key metrics that align with important LinkedIn marketing objectives such as brand awareness, thought leadership, and lead generation

  • Lists of action items to help you create a concrete plan for growth

A Toolkit for the Self-Driven, Small Business Content Marketer

Now that you’ve got your plan in place, and you’ve been able to prioritize your most pressing tasks, you may need a little help getting it all done. Our Content Marketing Toolkit is just the ticket.

Within this free package of digital materials you’ll find templates, instructions, and checklists to help you organize and execute your content marketing strategy.  

Here’s what’s in the toolkit:

  • Detailed instructions on how to use the Content Marketing Toolkit

  • Content calendar template to help you plan out all of your posts and campaigns

  • Content audit template to help you take stock and organize your existing content

  • Content gap analysis to help you identify holes and needs within existing content

  • Social media distribution plan to help you ensure you’re nailing content promotion on social channels

  • SEO checklist to help you ensure you’re maximizing search visibility with each piece you create

  • Content strategy template to help you document and optimize your content pillars, road map, and measurement

  • Metrics and analytics dashboard to help you track and continually improve all of your efforts

It’s not an extra person on your team, but it’s the next-best thing. This toolkit will cut down on the time required to build out a comprehensive small business content strategy geared toward fast growth.

Making Content Marketing Manageable for Small Businesses

Throughout SMB Week here at LinkedIn, we’re focused on helping up-and-comers accelerate their ascent with helpful resources and tools to augment strategies on this platform and beyond. Stay tuned for plenty more to come.

But for now, make sure you grab the LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan and the Content Marketing Toolkit.