SMB Week is Coming Soon to LinkedIn!

November 12, 2018

“Start small but always think big.” — Richard Branson

All of the world’s largest and most recognizable brands were once mere startups trying to get off the ground. Small businesses are the driving force in our system of commerce, representing the ideals of entrepreneurship, ambition, and innovation.

At LinkedIn, we’re getting ready to celebrate these up-and-comers with Small Business Week (SMB Week), which will feature new survey data and trends around small businesses, as well as tips and insights to help yours find success on our platform.

SMB Week at LinkedIn is Coming

There seems to be a misconception that small businesses with finite marketing budgets can’t make a sizable impact on LinkedIn. We wanted to highlight some who’ve found their strides, as well as showcase proven best practices for organizations looking to grow their presence on the planet’s largest professional network.

We recently conducted a survey of small to medium businesses to get a read on their perspectives, challenges, and opportunities. Here are a few of our learnings:

  • Networking is priority numero uno. When we asked small business owners and marketers how they use LinkedIn, the top response (38%) was “Building my network.” This makes sense, because creating new connections and relationships is one of the most important actions for a growing young business (and its people) on the platform.

  • Few have ventured into marketing on LinkedIn. Only 19% of small-biz respondents say they’ve run a LinkedIn marketing campaign — understandable since we’re talking about lean teams with vast responsibilities (in most cases the same person is leading sales and marketing for these companies), but clearly it’s an area of opportunity.

  • In search of a strategy. When asked how they source their content strategies, small business owners and marketers were most likely to respond, “We don’t have a strategy” (40%). Again, this is understandable given the circumstances, but it should be a key focus for companies of all sizes and stripes.

Small Businesses, Big Opportunities: Mark Your Calendars!

During SMB Week, we’ll help you solidify your strategy and provide helpful guidance on making LinkedIn a valuable part of it. The fun gets started on November 26th.

What can you do right now to get ready? Make sure you get registered for our November 27th webinar, Growing an Active Community for Your Brand, which will feature leaders from LinkedIn and HootSuite. And stay tuned for further updates!

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