Start Small, Think Big: Introducing SMB Week at LinkedIn

November 26, 2018

Helping Small Businesses Think Big

Welcome to LinkedIn’s SMB Week, where we shine a spotlight on the small and mid-sized businesses of the world. Over the coming days you’ll find content, guidance, and resources geared toward smaller organizations looking to make a big impact on LinkedIn and beyond.

A restricted marketing budget shouldn’t inhibit your ability to grow and excel. Here at LinkedIn, we want to help companies of all shapes and sizes succeed. Throughout this week, we’ll be serving up marketing strategies for small business including handbooks, checklists, templates, and videos to make the most out of what you have and maximize your effectiveness on LinkedIn.

Ramping Up Marketing Strategies for Small Business

The small biz community on LinkedIn is robust and thriving. Our platform is a premier source of content for small business owners looking for guidance on entrepreneurship, leadership, work-life balance, and technology from top SMB publishers who have built successful companies from the ground up.  

Of course, LinkedIn isn’t just a source for information; it is also the ideal platform to find and connect with the people—customers, mentors, peers and talent—who will help you grow your business. This week we’ll be highlighting numerous ways to bolster your LinkedIn marketing success through three key areas:

  1. Building Your Brand: Learn how to tell a compelling story on your personal LinkedIn page by showcasing your expertise. You’ll also find tips on boosting your company brand with a LinkedIn Page that highlights the unique value you provide to customers. 
  2. Content Marketing and B2B Advertising on LinkedIn: How can you grow your audience on the platform organically? Which types of content resonate best with members? How can you strike the right balance between organic and paid efforts for maximum cost-efficiency? We’ll cover it all.
  3. Marketing Strategies for Small Business: Developing a digital strategy can seem overwhelming. We’ll highlight information about how small business leaders with limited time and resources can scale their marketing efforts to build active online communities for their brands.

A Small Commitment. A Big Payoff.  

Regardless of company size, the fundamentals of growing a business — brand-building, networking, and expanding reach through organic and paid means — remain the same. All week long, we’ll be examining these crucial cornerstones through the lens of a small business that is accustomed to doing more with less. We hope you’ll join us.

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