Learn the Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing for Small Business (For Free!)

November 30, 2018

Learning About Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Starting a business doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Neither does marketing and growing that business.

Every organization, industry, and audience is different, so there’s no universal formula for success with social media marketing for small business. There are, however, a set of reliably effective best practices that will set your company up for high-caliber results.

You’ll find a helpful five-minute primer video in our free LinkedIn Learning session: Start Building Your Brand Today.

The Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing for Small Business on LinkedIn

Nailing down social media marketing is critical for any business, but especially smaller ones that are looking to grow fast and build awareness. Platforms like LinkedIn can be among the most cost-effective ways to engage your most valued audiences and generate inbound interest. Taking the proper steps early on will maximize your chances for both outcomes.

It might sound counterintuitive, but in the early stages of a business, it’s not necessarily your company’s page that should be your primary focus. Instead, you’ll want to optimize the personal profiles for your most visible employees: owners, executives, salespeople, marketers. Tapping into these professional networks provides the best opportunity for expanding your brand’s reach organically and efficiently.

That is the focal subject in Start Building Your Brand on LinkedIn, a component of our larger course on Growing Your Small Business with LinkedIn. You’ll learn how to choose a professional headshot, craft an attention-grabbing headline, fine-tune your summary copy, create an introductory video, and more.

Once you cover the bases with LinkedIn profiles, you’ll be ready for the next lesson, where you can learn to build a strong network. When we polled small business owners and marketers they called this out as their No. 1 priority on the platform so the tips, tools, and case studies available here should prove very helpful. The full course also includes a wealth of additional information around turning online leads into customers, which is the logical next step after you’ve established your expertise and built out your network.

But it all starts with laying the proper groundwork, and you’ll learn everything you need in short order with Start Building Your Brand Today. Once you’re finished, we encourage you to explore the many resources at your fingertips in LinkedIn Learning’s vast library of professional education materials!

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