Strike the Right Balance of Organic and Paid Efforts for Your Small Business

November 28, 2018

Social Media Marketing Strategy Pieces Fitting Together

Yin and yang. Night and day. Hot and cold.

In all things, we must have balance. Organic and paid efforts in your social media marketing strategy are a perfect example. One side will never reach its potential without the other. For small business, finding the right mix is a key step toward driving cost-efficient growth.

Our newly revamped Organic + Paid Playbook has the guidance you need, with a detailed blueprint for striking balance between these vital tactics and maximizing the impact of each.

Dial In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy with Organic + Paid

SMBs with finite marketing budgets need to make every dollar count. Creating a strong organic base on LinkedIn, and then investing in your top-performing content for expanded reach, is the path to optimizing your investment on the platform.

The Organic + Paid Playbook offers step-by-step breakdown of best practices for reaching your desired audiences on the world’s largest professional network. Inside this free guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build a compelling organic presence with your company’s LinkedIn Page
  • Increase organic reach by activating employees as advocates
  • Boosting targeted visibility and engagement through paid advertising
  • Understand what’s resonating with your audience to strategically amplify content that performs
  • Measure your advertising ROI so you can clearly see the results your spend is producing

Not only will you find actionable tips in this playbook, but also examples of these methods in action. For instance, you’ll learn how GE drove exponential increases in shares, engagements, and connections through employee advocacy. You’ll read about Marketo combining two powerful ad products — Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMail —  to crush event registration goals. You’ll see how KLM mastered full-funnel marketing with video ad campaigns that drastically outperformed benchmarks.

Just because these are larger brands doesn’t mean companies of all sizes can’t apply takeaways from their successes on LinkedIn. Familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of building your presence on the platform and nail down your social media marketing strategy.

The Organic + Paid Playbook has everything you’ll need to get rocking. Download yours now!