The Content Power Play: How Content Can Turn Sales and Marketing into an Unbeatable Team [Infographic]

August 7, 2018

The Content Power Play: A Sales and Marketing Infographic

As Team France showed us during the recent 2018 FIFA World Cup, playing together is often the only way to win.

In the field of business, sales and marketing may sometimes feel like opposing squads. However, when both are working toward the same goal, they become far more effective by operating in unison.

In a recent study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute and LinkedIn, participants reported that 80% of content created by marketing goes unused by sales. Too many companies are dropping the ball on this front. Meanwhile, more than half of sales and marketing professionals surveyed believe misalignment between their teams is affecting financial performance.

What’s the best way to light up the scoreboard? Get your sales and marketing units centered on a winning content strategy, with consistent collaboration around how and when content is used.

If you’re ready to get everyone drawing from the same playbook, take a look at our new infographic highlighting results of the survey:

To learn more about how content can bridge the gap between sales and marketing, download the full report, “Content Marketing: Unlocking Sales and Marketing Performance,” today.