Live from Cannes Lions: Daniel Bonner On What Data Says About Creative Excellence

June 23, 2016

Editor's Note: This blog post originally appeared on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions EMEA Blog.

It’s the Cannes Lions presentation that’s set social media alight: the unique, definitive, data-driven view of what it takes to produce great creative work.

Applying data science techniques to more than 400,000 Cannes Lions submissions from more than 40,000 agencies over 15 years, Razorfish and Contagious revealed the patterns of teams, cultures and relationships that consistently deliver award-wining creative. The findings are both inspiring and challenging – and so I was thrilled that Razorfish’s Daniel Bonner made time to join me on the Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast Live and share the story behind them.

If you’re a regular podcast listener, you’ll know that Daniel is a great guest: down to earth, funny – and one of the most insightful creative minds on the planet. His take on the code for creative excellence is essential listening: from the different elements of diversity that give birth to award-winning work to the need for clients and agencies to invest in long-term relationships during tough times. Perhaps most inspiring of all though, is the clear message the data sends that creative excellence is achievable by all: across any category or country, any size of agency and any level of spend.

Listen in to our 30-minute interview on the link below, and scroll down for the most important findings from this amazing piece of data analysis – the secrets of great creativity:

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Tune in as Daniel and I discuss what the numbers show about great creativity:

Creative excellence doesn’t need big budgets

The data shows that there is zero correlation between media spend for campaigns and their win rate in landing Cannes Lions – saying that clients didn’t have the budget to do great creative work isn’t an excuse.

Client-agency relationships of 10 years or more have double the win rate

It may not require money, but great creativity rewards an investment of time, money and trust. Interestingly, the data shows that creative success hits a high in Year 2 of client-agency relationships but then drops again (the Sophomore Slump as the music business likes to call it). However, it’s those that push through this tough period that reap the real creative rewards.

Creative cultures are open and inclusive

Work that wins Cannes Lions credits 26% more team members than work that doesn’t – and far less of that credit is taken by director-level creative and managers.

Winning work has a 50% higher representation of supporting disciplines

Not just the traditional art directors and copywriters – but photographers, editors, the PR team and more. Modern creativity demands a diverse set of skills – and collaboration both internally and externally.

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