Live from Cannes Lions: David Shing on the Creative Process & Mind Mapping

June 22, 2016

Don’t call him an evangelist, that’s not his style, he’s a digital prophet. Within his job he finds himself traveling the globe in search of future trends in the marketing space that he can distill into actionable insights for brands to make better strategic decisions. His name is David Shing but the industry knows him simply as “Shingy”, and while he’s an incredibly animated personality with a look that’s all his own, he’s also a brilliant digital marketer several step ahead of the masses.

I was pretty floored when I received word that Shingy had accepted my invitation to record a very special episode of the Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast LIVE at Cannes Lions. I’ve been a big fan of this guy’s work for many years now and I respect him tremendously for what’s he achieved and how he continues to shape the future.

Listen in as I interview one of my favorite thought leaders in the digital space in front of a live audience at the LinkedIn Clubhouse located in the heart the Cannes Lions madness. Below are just a few of the topics that Shingy and I discuss.

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Listen in on the Conversation as Shingy and I Discuss:

  • The evolution of Shingy and the importance of staying true to yourself.
  • Why smart companies don’t try to mold employees to fit the culture, but instead embrace their quirkiness.
  • 360 experiences vs. virtual reality and the potential it holds for marketers.
  • An inside look at Shingy’s creative process and how he uses mind mapping and Zen write for pre-brainstorming big ideas.
  • Why private, intimate social experiences are flourishing and the future is all about privacy and security around connecting.
  • How artificial intelligence when used effectively as a tool which can allow more time for humans to be creative.
  • And if you didn’t know, Shingy is also quite the talented singer songwriter so I had to ask him who his top three favorite bands of all time are.

Stay tuned as our exclusive live coverage continues from the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity all week long. Next up on the Podcast is Razorfish Chief Creative Office Daniel Bonner cracking the code on creativity and the data points behind 15 years of Cannes Lions winners.

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