Make Your Marketing Better with Dennis Yu and Logan Young from BlitzMetrics

October 11, 2016

Make Your Marketing Better with Dennis Yu and Logan Young from BlitzMetrics

We’re right in the middle of conference season, in the brief lull between the Festival of Marketing and the MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum. In my brief downtime, I put together a post that captures what I think are the most important takeaways for B2B marketers from Content Marketing World: Nine Wake-up Calls for Our Industry. It pulls together the concepts I feel are most vital for our continued success—maybe even our survival—as B2B marketers.

My guests on the podcast this week are dedicated to helping marketers do better. Dennis Yu is the Chief Technology Officer at BlitzMetrics, and Logan Young is their Director of Operations. Dennis and Logan are both dedicated to making marketing better, in a deeply inspiring way. They are both incredibly generous with their time and their knowledge.

I was thrilled to sit down with Dennis and Logan to talk about how they achieve amazing results for their clients. Along the way, we talk personal branding, account-based marketing versus micro-targeting, and why slideshow presentations should be banned at conferences.

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Listen in on the Conversation As We Discuss:

The Marketing Robot Apocalypse: Will robots steal your marketing job? Only if you’re doing work robots can do. Focus on developing the skills robots can’t duplicate, and be the robot’s boss, Dennis says.

The Three Specialties that Drive Successful Marketing: The team explains how the roles of analyst, content marketer, and advertiser map to a strategic marketing process.

A More Effective Presentation Style: Dennis and Logan don’t do slideshows for their consulting work or at conferences. Instead, they demonstrate the tools and processes they use in real-time. As Dennis says, “A presentation is a vehicle to transparently share your knowledge. Lead with what is helpful and useful.”

The Right Way to Do Personal Branding: Dennis recommends leading with being helpful and useful, and letting your brand build itself organically. Instead of putting the focus on you, focus on lifting others up. If the goal is just to be a well-recognized brand, people will see through you.

ABM vs. Micro-targeting: Dennis says the two practices are very similar. In the end, Dennis sees micro-targeting is a hyper-efficient form of marketing while ABM is more of a sales function.

Proving the ROI of Social Media: Dennis reveals how they generated provable results for the Golden State Warriors basketball team.

Dennis and Logan are incredibly talented marketers, and their level of sophistication is matched only by their generosity. They believe the secret to success is being genuinely helpful. Their time on the podcast is a great example of that principle in action.

You can catch up with Dennis and Logan on LinkedIn, and on Twitter @dennisyu and @loganly respectively.

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