The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast: Global Content Strategy with Alex Cheeseman

April 26, 2016

Pip-pip and cheerio, fellow sophisticated marketers! It’s time for the latest smashing podcast episode, so hot you might think it fell out of the boot of a lorry. We’re taking the lift to the top floor with this one, so hold onto your crumpets.

Sorry, I’m just trying to get the lingo right for my upcoming move to London. I want to make sure everyone there thinks I’m all that and a bag of chips—er, packet of crisps.

It’s a good thing that a grasp of British slang isn’t all I have going for me in London. I also have brilliant UK marketers to tap for advice, including my guest on the podcast this week: Alex Cheeseman.

Alex is the Head of Global Marketing Solutions at NewsCred. That makes him the perfect guy to talk to if you’re looking to expand your horizons. Alex has a marketer’s-eye view of the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, you name it. Join us as we talk global content marketing, content strategy, and whether a loud American like me will get along with my London counterparts.

Listen NowListen in on the Conversation as Alex and I Discuss:

Will Snapchat Be an Important Channel for B2B marketers? Some bona fide B2B marketing thought leaders think so. Alex and I wonder whether it makes more sense to get better at everything else you’re already doing first.

Are Personas Still Useful? Or should we be focusing on keyword research? Alex ponders the importance of the humble persona and the future of 1-1 marketing.

What Is the Best Content Type for UK versus US Markets? Alex confesses he might have said podcasts and webinars were dead, before he saw what LinkedIn Marketing Solutions U.S. was turning out. We agree the point is not the format, but the quality of content.

How to Manage Content across an Organization. Alex talks about the importance of pulling together your organization’s content initiatives into a singular strategy, with the help of a software platform to keep it tight.

The Ascension of the Always-On Marketing Mentality. Always-on doesn’t mean you never run campaigns, but it does mean your audience has somewhere to continue the relationship when the campaign is over. Alex and I talk through a healthy always-on approach to marketing. Here’s Alex’s doodle to go along with the audio:

Alex is a rum chap (sorry, last one) and it was great hearing what’s in store for me across the pond. You can follow him on Twitter @mralexcheeseman, and see what he’s up to professionally at NewsCred. Many thanks to him for joining me, and thanks to everyone who continues to listen!

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