The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast: Creativity, Ideation, and Coolio with James Altucher

January 30, 2017

What is it that drives exceptionally creative people? What made Jimi Hendrix such an amazing guitarist? What drove Richard Branson to become a successful entrepreneur? How did Steve Jobs stay three steps ahead of the zeitgeist to create devices we didn’t know we needed?

Most importantly, how can we mortals set our sights on self-improvement and make meaningful progress?

My guest on the podcast this week has some ideas about all these questions. He’s a columnist for the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times, and a LinkedIn Influencer. He’s the bestselling author of Reinvent Yourself. And he’s the host of acclaimed podcast The James Altucher Show. My guest this week: James Altucher.

James has some fascinating ideas on how to generate creative energy and harness it for success. What’s more, he’s a gifted storyteller with some great personal anecdotes to share. Click the links below to listen and subscribe.

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Listen in on the Conversation as James and I Discuss:

The 1% Theory: The way to make big changes with a small investment? James says work to move just a little bit, just 1% toward your goal every day. You’ll be amazed how quickly your efforts compound.

Finding Mentors Everywhere: Mentorship is not just Yoda lifting a ship from a swamp, James says. You can learn from anything. If you look for one takeaway in each bit of culture you consume, you can find inspiration everywhere (including, in James’ case, the rap battles in Eight Mile).

What Public Speakers Can Learn from Comedians: Great comedians have to be great communicators, too. James suggests you can learn a lot about humor, audience interaction, and public speaking by watching comedy.

How to Exercise Your Idea Muscles: James recommends writing down ten ideas a day. They may not be great, they may not even be revisited, but it puts your brain in the habit of coming up with ideas.

Bobby Fischer, Jimmy Page, and Ideation: Creative ideas don’t come out of nowhere. Great ideas can come from building on history, like Bobby Fischer learning from 1800’s chess games or Jimmy Page adding overdrive to the blues.

What “Storytelling” Really Means in Marketing: James provides his blueprint for telling more compelling marketing stories.

This show was a blast to record. James is an incredibly generous mentor and an engaging conversationalist. He also claims he puts his “best stuff on LinkedIn,” so be sure to follow James for more great content.

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