50 ideas, 18 guests, 1 Unique Book of Marketing Wisdom

The best of Season Six of The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast packed into one book of irreverent inspiration

June 4, 2018

50 ideas, 18 guests, 1 unique book of marketing wisdom

Editor's Note: This post originally appeared on the LinkedIn Sales & Marketing Solutions EMEA Blog.

Season Six of The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast was the most fun that any marketer could hope to have with a microphone. We couldn’t have asked for a more original, incisive and irreverent line-up of guests: wisdom from the likes of Seth Godin, C-suite insight from Shannon Brayton, the force of marketing nature that is Scott Stratten, and wit and smarts in equal measure from the likes of Ron Tite, Mark Schaefer, Lori Joyce, Dave Shing and Maria Pergolino.

Our podcast episodes prove that you don’t have to settle for standard, stale marketing thinking. There are loads of fresh perspectives out there: alternative views on marketing in the digital age that can leave you feeling inspired and energized. We wanted to share the best of those ideas, which is why we’ve created The Sophisticated Marketer’s Book of Wisdom.

Our new eBook captures the best stories, ideas and insights from Season Six of the Podcast. It’s the essential nuggets of wisdom that we believe every marketer should have access to, whether they’re a regular listener or not:

  • Seth Godin on the problem with reach and anecdotes vs stories
  • Shannon Brayton on the secrets of work-life harmony
  • Lori Joyce on the disruptive power of authenticity
  • Scott Stratten on why you don’t need to go viral
  • Maria Pergolino on the easy way to benefit from AI
  • Bryan Eisenberg on how to innovate without new technology
  • Jack Kosakowski on what sales really wants from marketing
  • And much more

Wisdom like this should be shared as widely as possible, which is why we’re making The Sophisticated Marketer’s Book of Wisdom available for free download from today. Grab your copy – and enjoy exploring the best of Season Six.