Marketing Success Metrics: How BetterWorks Proves ROI on LinkedIn

January 21, 2018


If only we had more metrics with which to measure performance. It’s been a good 15 years since a sane marketer said something like this. If anything, we have too many metrics to choose from today. If we’re not careful, marketing metrics can quickly lead to poor productivity metrics. More metrics make sense on the surface – more gauges mean a better handle on performance, right? – but more metrics also mean more interpretation, more debate, and more semantics-based conversations that don’t necessarily contribute to the bottom line.    

That’s why the actual bottom line is such a beautiful metric for marketers. If you’re prepared to solve for marketing ROI, that is. You can question what led to the bottom line, but there’s no questioning the bottom line itself. You performed, or you didn’t. You’re in the black, or you’re not. Simple.

So it’s no surprise to hear a successful marketer like Masha Finkelstein explain the importance of the bottom line at BetterWorks, a company that helps other companies drive performance with feedback and goals. “Bottom line is what matters most to us,” says Masha. “We check revenue generated and ROI of every single channel and pipeline generated as well.”

The Bottom Line for BetterWorks on LinkedIn

Because BetterWorks measures bottom-line results for each channel, Masha is fully equipped to speak to performance on LinkedIn, and how it compares to other channels in the marketing mix. “The LinkedIn platform drives amazing engagement with our Sponsored Content compared to other channels I’m looking at on a daily basis. LinkedIn gives us over 300% ROI,” Masha adds.

How does BetterWorks achieve this type of performance on LinkedIn? In a word, targeting. “We use Sponsored Content to go after our named accounts, which are mostly Fortune 1000 companies,” explains Masha.

Within the mid-market sector, BetterWorks focuses on engaging certain titles and roles, such as senior HR leaders, CEOs, and COOs. The company has offered free trials on LinkedIn, which in turn has increased the number of free trial requests BetterWorks receives every day. The free trial is the best type of lead for BetterWorks, says Masha, so the campaigns have helped quite a bit in terms of not just driving performance, but also attributing ROI to campaign performance. That’s a report any CEO can appreciate.

Learn more about how BetterWorks achieves success on LinkedIn by checking out the video below.

Masha Finkelstein, BetterWorks

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