Take Our Sophisticated Sessions Quiz and Score a Laptop Decal

January 30, 2018

Get Your Sophisticated Marketer's Sessions Laptop Decal

What do Elon Musk, Ken Jennings, and IBM’s Watson have in common?

Give up?

None of them have passed our Sophisticated Marketer’s Sessions quiz. Now sure, none have taken the quiz (that we’re aware of), but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn a distinction that has so far eluded the top thinkers, answerers, and computers of our generation.

And the best part? Physical proof of your feat. Pass our quiz and we’ll send you a laptop decal that does the bragging for you. Our initial research shows that marketers who don the sophisticated decal on their laptop notice a sharp jump in productivity. How, you ask? Because they’re no longer forced to explain themselves at every turn. People see the decal and just assume the marketer knows what they’re talking about.

Okay, enough science. Here’s how to get your hands on this magical sticker. If you haven’t already, check out all three of our Sophisticated Sessions:

Session 1: Know Your Audience (Targeting)

Session 2: Engagement Is Everything

Session 3: ROI or Bust

All three sessions are a virtual multimedia class that include infographics, customer case studies, videos, guides, and cheat sheets that drill down into a single, critical component of B2B marketing. In each session, you will find ready-made advice that practically applies itself. And if owning your marketing objectives isn’t reward enough, we’ll throw in a decal that essentially says you are equipped to conquer marketing objectives and prove ROI. All you need to do is use your newfound knowledge to answer 10 questions about the sessions.

“Always be learning” is our team mantra at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, and nothing inspires us more than seeing marketers achieve success on LinkedIn and beyond using the lessons we’ve learned. We encourage you to take advantage of this knowledge base by checking out the sessions, upping your marketing game, taking the quiz, and letting your new laptop decal do the talking for you.