Announcing Sophisticated Marketer’s Sessions: Part 2

How to engage your audience on LinkedIn

August 30, 2017

LinkedIn Sophisticated Marketer’s Sessions

A few months ago, we kicked off our Sophisticated Marketer’s Sessions series with an in-depth exploration of how to reach your ideal audience on LinkedIn. The purpose behind these multimedia courses is to go beyond the basics, with a diverse array of resources -- infographics, how-to videos, case studies, SlideShares, cheat sheets and more -- in order to foster a more sophisticated understanding of the most critical aspects of marketing on the LinkedIn platform.

Now, we’re excited to announce the second installment in the SMS series: Engagement is Everything: How to Engage Your Audience on LinkedIn

The next logical step, after identifying and reaching your most valued members, is finding ways to engage them and drive action. In our latest Session, we cover this imperative from every angle, offering extensive insights on strengthening your connections with the people who matter most to your business.

In this audience engagement Session, you will uncover inside tips and tricks of the trade from LinkedIn’s team of experts.

You won’t find this information anywhere else:

  • 2 Cheat Sheets packed with tips for driving conversions with successful content
  • A Guide for how LinkedIn uses LinkedIn for marketing
  • A SlideShare gallery of top performing Sponsored Content
  • A Video from our own LinkedIn Product Manager
  • An Infographic which outlines how professional audiences engage with content on LinkedIn

Start your Session to learn:

  • How to use A/B testing for optimizing LinkedIn engagement
  • How to bring employees into the fold for advocacy and increased traction
  • Which characteristics are consistently found in top-performing posts and pages
  • Which B2B marketing metrics are most valuable for measuring audience engagement

Every day, there is more and more content being produced and distributed online, making it all the more challenging to break through. The same old strategies and approaches simply don’t move the needle. Standing out in this environment requires a greater level of sophistication and refinement. With the second installment in our Sophisticated Marketer's Sessions, you’ll be fully prepared to generate impressive results through campaigns that get noticed and make noise.

Class is in session! Set aside some time to immerse yourself in all the resources available through our Engagement is Everything course, and keep an eye out for the next Sophisticated Marketer’s Session, ROI or bust.