How Two Companies Achieve Stellar Engagement on LinkedIn [Videos]

September 26, 2017

Sessions: Engagement on LinkedIn

Know thy customer. It’s the guiding mantra for marketers everywhere.

An acute understanding of your audience’s needs, pain points, and interests must be at the core of every digital strategy. Mix in some creativity and an effective distribution approach, and -- Voila! -- you’ve got the ingredients for a fruitful campaign.

Here are two companies, among many, that have been able to master this recipe. The teams at SolarWinds and Digital Marketing Institute were kind enough to share their secrets for scoring exceptional audience engagement on the LinkedIn platform. Learn how they did it in the writeups and videos that follow.

SolarWinds Connects with the IT Crowd

In general, finding interesting and compelling angles in the traditionally dry world of B2B can be tough. This challenge is only magnified in the IT sector. So SolarWinds, a software company based in Texas, is always looking for inventive ways to engage prospects.

Earlier this year, the company launched an IT-themed board game called SysadMANIA. They relied on LinkedIn to get this fun promotion in front of the right people, in a way that would catch their attention.

“I always look at LinkedIn as a special case, because it’s the only social network where you can meet [prospects] where they’re at,” says Allie Eby, Senior Corporate Communications Manager for SolarWinds. “When you’re on LinkedIn you’re looking to better yourself and your career … You don’t have to live between dog photos and recipes and selfies.”

The board game concept stood out from the content that usually appears on LinkedIn user feeds, but still fit in a professional context. Eby was highly impressed with the results -- as were her higher-ups.

“Engagement was extremely high. It drove a lot of downloads, and it’s already translating into pipeline,” she says. “That’s important to our C-level executives. We spent a lot of time in marketing making a board game, and we have to be able to answer ROI for that.”

Another campaign from SolarWinds involved tapping into their audience’s personal interests. Recognizing they had many fans of sci-fi (and Star Wars, specifically) in their base, they ran a giveaway with a multitool in the shape of Han Solo’s ship, the Millennium Falcon. (Now that’s knowing your customer.)

“People went bananas,” says Demand and Marketing Manager Rebecca Smith. “Our engagement rate on LinkedIn for that campaign is probably the highest I’ve ever seen for any campaign that I’ve run across any platform.”

The Force was with them on these campaigns. Learn more in the video below:

SolarWinds shares how it achieved stellar engagement on LinkedIn.

Digital Marketing Institute Finds New Customers

Cathal Melinn is the Digital Media Manager for Digital Marketing Institute in Dublin. His challenge is straightforward: connect with the right decision-makers at training companies and in corporate L&D departments.

For him, LinkedIn’s deep demographic filters are gold.

“We are able to broadly get a list of all the potential job titles and job levels and different things like that,” Melinn explains. “We can target them with the content we know will be most engaging with them.”

He says one of the most impactful benefits of using the platform has been the Institute’s ability to generate interest where it did not exist initially.

“With LinkedIn, we’re targeting people who may not necessarily be in the market, so we’re acquiring new prospects at the same cost and conversion rate as nurturing people that are already in the market.”

“That is a phenomenal result for us,” he adds. “If you can manage to deliver the same results with LinkedIn as you were getting with search it’s something to shout about.”

You can watch Mr. Melinn speaking (not shouting) about his company’s experiences here:

Digital Marketing Institute explains its strong engagement on LinkedIn.

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