Taken's Bryan Mills Seeks LinkedIn Members ‘With a Particular Set of Skills’

December 12, 2014

At LinkedIn, we know that professional audiences turn to their peer networks to learn about business solutions as well as consumer products.  Known to us as “prosumers,” our audience of professional consumers are the most affluent, educated and influential audience online.

Which is why one of them will make a great addition to Bryan Mills' team in the upcoming film Taken 3.

Starting today, 20th Century Fox has brought an intriguing proposition to our LinkedIn members from Bryan Mills, the unrelenting protagonist played by Liam Neeson in the upcoming film, Taken 3. In the video below, Mills invites professionals to follow the Taken 3 Showcase Page on LinkedIn as a signal of their interest in joining his team. Next week, Mills will select a Taken 3 contest winner, review their LinkedIn profile, and create a video endorsing their “particular set of skills”. That’s quite an impressive vote of confidence for one professional’s career.

Catch the full proposition from Mills here:

At LinkedIn, we’re particularly excited about this promotion because it demonstrates how B2C brands are finding unique and creative ways to engage professional audiences on LinkedIn. In addition to the use of a LinkedIn Showcase Page, 20th Century Fox is also leveraging Sponsored Updates to spread the word about this opportunity to LinkedIn members, joining the roughly 71%  of consumer brands that are using LinkedIn to distribute content today. In 2015, we only expect this number to rise.

For now, it’s up to you to decide: Will Bryan Mills acquire the right talent to complete his team? Will you be the one with the "particular set of skills" for the job? We can’t wait to see what our members bring to the table to impress Mills and his team.

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