Tech Marketers: Get Ready to Tap into the Power of LinkedIn Products

Introducing The Sophisticated Technology Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn Volume 3

September 2, 2015


This post is the third in The Sophisticated Technology Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn Series, a sequence of guides designed specifically to help tech marketers achieve great results on LinkedIn and beyond. In Volume 1, Laying the Foundation, we helped gain a clearer understanding of the technology buying audiences and how to reach them. In Volume 2, Building Your Professional Brand on LinkedIn, our LinkedIn marketing gurus explained the benefits (for both you and your company) of having an optimized LinkedIn profile and expanding your network of influencers. Read on to discover what Volume 3 has to offer.

Today’s sophisticated tech marketers know that keeping the sales pipeline full of leads can be difficult and that time and resources are often in short supply. Consequently, the road to success for your company all starts with reaching the right professional audience. This is where we come in. LinkedIn lets you easily reach the right people, at the right time, with the right content, and keep them engaged.

As a technology marketer, we want to help you tap into the power of LinkedIn with our exciting and innovative marketing and advertising solutions. This guide will provide tech marketers with an overview of LinkedIn’s solutions that will help you expand your reach and drive traffic and quality leads to your site, to ultimately generate more pipeline and revenue.

Our latest guide will ensure you’re using the most effective mix of marketing tools to communicate your brand to the largest professional network on the planet.

Download Volume 3 of the Sophisticated Marketer's Guide and learn:

  • How our products work together to generate high quality leads with our accurate targeting
  • How to reach the right professional audience, at the right time, with the right content and how to keep them engaged
  • About the success other brands have achieved with our products through case studies and testimonials

Basically, it’s the whole package. Download it today for a smart, strategic and sophisticated way to reach your target with the most effective tools possible.