The 10 Most Influential Global Brands on LinkedIn

June 18, 2014

As marketing professionals, we often look to the trendsetters in the industry to understand how to improve upon our own efforts. In March, LinkedIn launched the Content Marketing Score to help marketers understand how influential their content marketing efforts are compared with competitors and provide them with recommendations on how to improve their standings.

Today, we are excited to share new findings uncovered using Content Marketing Score to identify the Top 10 Most Influential Global Brands on LinkedIn.

Number one on the Global list is Forbes, among the most trusted resources for the world's business and investment leaders.  World Economic Forum is the number two most influential brand on LinkedIn globally, with Inc. Magazine taking the number three spot.

Of the top 10 most influential brands globally, publishers like The Wall-Street Journal, Financial Times and Mashable make up half of the list, underscoring the value of content in engaging customers. Technology companies make up the second largest industry represented, with Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and leading the way.

What do these leaders have in common, and what can you take away from their efforts and apply to your own content marketing? Three simple practices:

  • They continually update users on industry news.
  • They release new and engaging content tailored to specific audiences.
  • They add their voice to relevant conversations that their audiences care about.

You can see which other companies are leading the way within their respective regions in the infographic below.

LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Score is a new way of measuring the effectiveness of a company’s content marketing efforts on LinkedIn, and the leaders on this list have clearly taken advantage of the platform’s offerings and enhanced their relevance and influence.

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Methodology: LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Score, which can be analyzed at any point throughout a company’s campaign, measures member engagement with Sponsored Updates, Company Pages, LinkedIn Groups, employee updates, and Influencer posts. A single score is then calculated and ranked against the company’s competitive set. 


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