The B2B Marketing Webinar Series You Won't Want To Miss

Is the B2B marketing funnel dead or alive? Find out next week.

October 31, 2014

It’s kind of a thing to declare marketing tactics to be “dead.” This article argues that display ads are dead -- while appearing on a web page containing several display ads. Here is a declaration that mass email marketing is dead, an article that was likely promoted in an email newsletter. Tom Stein, CEO at SteinIAS (Americas), went so far as making the case that declaring things dead in marketing is also dead.

And some have even declared that the funnel is dead. Now, that’s where we draw the line: The funnel as a metaphor for the marketing process has never been more vital. For B2B marketers, the funnel is fundamental.

At the top of the funnel, marketers use awareness tactics, such as display advertising, to attract their target audience to the corporate website. In the mid-funnel, marketers strive to engage members of their target audience, starting a conversation with social ads, case studies, and blog posts. And in the lower funnel, marketers look to convert the target audience by registering them for an email newsletter or, even better, by turning them into a paying customer.

Marketers from Domo, HCI, Lenovo, and LinkedIn will be sharing their secrets to getting the most out of the funnel during Bizo’s week-long webinar series, “Mastering the B2B Funnelmentals,” which takes places November 3-7.

Register today to attend one or all of the five sessions in the “Funnelmentals” webinar series:

2pm ET/11 am PT, Monday, November 3

"Full-Funnel B2B Marketing: How to Impact Prospects Anywhere Along the Buyer’s Journey"

Frederick and Karel will delve into the roles multi-channel nurturing and display and social media advertising play in a full-funnel marketing program.

2pm ET/11 am PT, Tuesday, November 4

"Developing the Best Content for Display and Social Ads"

Zynczak and Agustin offer advice on how to produce great online display advertising and show examples of brillant display ads that delivered equally brilliant results.

2pm ET/11 am PT, Wednesday, November 5

"Multi-Channel Nurturing: Textbook Strategies from the Pros"

Young and Halle show how B2B marketers have successfully used multi-channel nurturing to drive their full-funnel marketing results.

2pm ET/11 am PT, Thursday, November 6

"Using Data-Driven Marketing to Become a Big Data-Driven Business"

Glass and Callahan, co-authors of the upcoming book The Big Data-Driven Business, detail key takeaways from the book for data-driven marketers.

2pm ET/11 am PT, Friday, November 7

"Bizo Multi-Channel Nurturing: Demo Day"

Agustin and Halle walk-through the Bizo platform to show how marketers can use it to reach new prospects and nurture them intelligently until they’re ready to buy.

Register now for “Mastering the B2B Funnelmentals” and discover how to better nurture your B2B prospects through the funnel and drive results for your business.