The B2B Tech Buyer’s Purchase Journey: How to Stay on Course with Content that Sells

May 20, 2015

Purchase_Journey_Infographic_BlogHeader_v2 Marketing to the modern tech decision-maker isn’t the straight and narrow path it once was. Today’s tech selling environment is a non-linear journey that is always evolving, which means it can be constantly full of new surprises along the way. And since the roadmap for targeting, nurturing and converting prospective technology buyers changes so rapidly, traditional lead generation approaches (for example, cold calls, gating content with lead forms, or buying leads) are in the rearview mirror. For tech marketers to be successful, the new road to success is targeting today’s tech decision-makers with the right content at the right time in order to accelerate the sales cycle and help them arrive at their destination more quickly. To illustrate this evolving tech landscape, we’ve laid out The B2B Tech Buyer’s Purchase Journey infographic to showcase what tech marketers need to know to navigate the new IT sales roadmap – to help you stay on course with content that truly makes an impact.

Gas up the car and buckle in to learn what tech marketers need to know to attract to new B2B decision-makers:

    • On average, an enterprise tech purchase takes over 5 months to complete
    • Up to 17 people now influence major enterprise tech purchases
    • 85% of tech buyers find their technology news & information online
    • 80% of tech buyers say it’s important to receive ongoing content

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