The LinkedIn Marketer's Checklist for Industry Events

September 8, 2014

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Learning. Networking. Marketing Opportunities. These are just a few of the benefits of attending events as a content marketer.

To reap the biggest benefits of industry conferences, it's important to invest the time into planning for success. Is your goal to network with top influencers? Is your aim to capture solid blog content from key sessions? With so many opportunities to network and learn, it's important to think about how you will invest your time to maximize your experience.

As you approach your upcoming event schedule, consider these three goals to help guide your event strategy and ensure long-lasting connections after the event.

If your goal is Learning: Spark conversations in LinkedIn Groups.

If the event organizers are active on LinkedIn, chances are they probably have at least one LinkedIn Group dedicated to the event and its core topic areas. Join the group before the event starts and establish yourself as a valuable and friendly contributor. Making connections prior to the event gives you a head start in connecting with people at the live event. This makes you recognizable and can ease the first-day networking jitters. In addition, use this opportunity to schedule meet-ups or interviews with speakers ahead of time. Arrange the day/time (preferably following their session) to grab them for a quick written (or video) Q&A which you can use to create content and feed your editorial calendar.

Don’t stop there – make sure to stay active within the group during and after the event. Consider bringing these discussion topics back to the group:

  • Your takeaways from the speakers and sessions – what key ideas are you looking to utilize moving forward?
  • New questions for group members to answer – what topics left you energized or inspired?
  • What are the first actions you intend to take after the event?

If your goal is Networking: Connect and share attendee content.

You’ll likely collect several business cards and connect with attendees socially. This is key to expanding your network. Once you are connected, help solidify this new relationship by sharing content that is relevant to event topics and/or help amplify the content they are sharing.

Do you have a few spare InMails left in your queue? Now would be a good time to use them. In some cases, the InMail can be the catalyst for an event itself. InMails can be utilized to stand out from the post-event email madness – just remember to keep these thoughts in mind:

  • Make specific reference to the conversations you had at the event – no boilerplate language, please.
  • Did you connect via an existing relationship? Reference that in your message.
  • Invite them to engage in further discussion regarding your solutions (when relevant), but keep the majority of the InMail focused on the experiences you had at the event.

If your goal is Content Marketing: Leveraging newsjacking to drive relevancy.

As you leave the event, you are now armed with new connections and opportunities for further content production – it’s now time to expand your editorial calendar to leverage new angles raised from the event.

Eventbrite’s Mark Walker notes that newsjacking is one of the most common event-related marketing tactics – especially if the event is a large conference. Post-event summaries and trends are covered by local and national media – providing ongoing content for curation. When newsjacking your event, keep these thoughts in mind:

  • Collect several post-event articles and analyze the insights to develop your immediate post-event content strategy.
  • Ask your new contacts to contribute on your own site as guest bloggers – while the communication is still fresh.
  • Publish thought leadership on the LinkedIn publishing platform to keep yourself top-of-mind with other attendees and help build your professional brand.

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