The Marketing Ninja: Crafty Skills Required to Reach Stealthy Tech Customers

August 20, 2015


In today’s world, tech buyers travel through a tangled and intricate purchase labyrinth before they reach a buying decision. They are actively seeking and defining their own research path and constantly consulting many diverse peers along the way - all while surrounded by dangerous webs of competitive messaging.

So, what should today’s tech marketer’s secret weapon be in order to help customers every step of the way? Transforming themselves into tech marketing ninjas, of course!

From better connecting with customers to refining targeting and strategic content development in order to achieve the business bottom line - tech marketers must hone their ninja skills in order to break through the tech buyer’s stealth reconnaissance.

Check out our latest infographic, The Tech Marketing Ninja, to uncover:

  • How to refine your targeting and content development in order to align with your tech buyer's key interests
  • The most helpful tools stealthy tech buyers are using to quietly inform their purchases decisions--and how to make sure you're there when they eventually reveal themselves to sales
  • What the C-Suite thinks of tech marketing efforts, and the specific metrics they value most when determining marketing ROI

 The best ninjas never stop sharpening their tools for success. Download The Sophisticated Technology Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn and learn how to better reach and nurture prospective tech buyers on LinkedIn.